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Endodontic Root Canal Therapy tray Set-Up

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Endodontic Therapy tray Set-Up, root canal, endodontic files reamers, gutta percha, rubber dam punch
Endodontic Therapy (Part 1) - Instruments Required: 1. Gutta Percha Points (Various Sizes) 2. Rubber Dam Clamps (Molars) 3. Rubber Dam Clamps (Anterior) 4. Peeso Reamers (Sizes 1, 2 and 3) 5. Endodontic Files Organizer (21mm and 25mm) 6. Carbide Bur 7. Thumb Ruler 8. Curved Scissors 9. Soaked Cotton 2x2 (Isopropyl Alcohol) 10. Endodontic Drill 11. Dental Dam 12. Dental Dam Forceps 13. Dental Dam Punch 14. Dental Dam Frame May Also Require: 1. Scalpel (Number 15) 2. Surgical Scissors
Endodontic Therapy tray Set-Up, root canal, adsorbent paper points, sodium hypochlorite apex locator
Endodontic Therapy (Part 2) - Instruments Required: 1. Adsorbent Paper Points 2. Sodium Hypochlorite (Syringe and Tip) 3. Bio Pure (Syringe and Powder with Tip) 4. Basic Materials 5. Apex Locator Tip 6. Lighter 7. AH Plus Canal Sealer 8. Mixing Pad 9. RC Prep Syringe 10. Cavit-G Temporary Material 11. Protaper Case (25mm) 12. Protaper Case (21mm) 13. Butane Burner
Endodontic Therapy tray Set-Up, root canal, root canal plugger, glick carver, spreader, root zx
Endodontic Therapy (Part 3) - Instruments Required: 1. High-Speed Drill 2. Slow Speed Attachment 3. Bonding Bur Block 4. Mirror 5. Root Canal Plugger (9-11) 6. Root Canal Plugger (3-5) 7. Glick Carver 8. Spreader (11-21) 9. Explorer - Anterior 10. College Pliers May Also Require: 1. Slow Speed Drill 2. Root ZX (Apex Locator) 3. X-ray Film and XCP (Correspond to Specific Tooth)