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Photos: Oral Surgery tray Set-Up

Oral Surgery tray Set-Up, bite block, rongeurs, Miller curette, periosteal elevator hemostat scalpel
Oral Surgery Set-Up Instruments Required: 1. Basic Materials 2. Floss 3. Bite Block 4. Periosteal Elevator 5. Miller Curette 6. Rongeurs 7. Bone File 8. Elevators (Various Angles) 9. Hemostat 10. Angled Scissors 11. Chromic Gut Suture (3.0 or 4.0) 12. Scalpel (Number 15) May Also Require: 1. Extraction Forceps 2. Syringe 3. Anesthetic Vials (Carbo-/Lido-/Septo-/Marc-) 4. Surgical Aspirating Tip