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traumatic occlusion, occlusal trauma, hyperocclusion, centric relation

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Occlusal periodontal - combined bite gum - problems. A bad bite can cause periodontal gum disease. This 40 year old patient's front teeth increasingly moved out towards her lip and down and she now has a teeth gap space. Fremitus on tooth #8 - a form of traumatic occlusion - was noted as was the deep bite. Consider sculpting incisal adjustment of the lower anterior teeth, then periodontal scaling & root planing and then probably periodontal gum surgery in the upper anterior. Following gum healing consider teeth bonding with a palatal splint after reducing the incisal length of tooth #8. This tooth moved easily back into a ideal tooth position with light finger pressure before the splint was placed. The lower incisal occlusal adjustment created the room to move this upper tooth back.

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