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periapical abscess, root canal infection, pathology pain

periapical abscess, root canal infection tooth caps, crowns bridge, periapical pathology teeth

Cervical decay and root canal infection around a lower right first premolar tooth. 1) A large radiolucency is seen in the x-ray. Note the distal abutment is the distal root of a first molar following hemisection. 2) Following root canal therapy. The cervical decay can now be seen more easily. 3) The working model in this picture shows the preparation of the mesial part of the distal two-unit bridge. This preparation will allow rigid connection to the new anterior bridge being made. 4) The new bridge section in place on the working model. 5) & 6) Two pictures of the new bridge showing the distal attachment. 7) An intraoral photo which mirrors the working model view seen in 3). 8) The final result. This patient was content to see the gold occlusal rest. Otherwise, it could have been hidden under porcelain.

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