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Ad Spending on Social Networks to Shrink, eMarketer Says

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Internet advertising uniquely offers the ability to specifically target a demographic group and immediately measure the impact.  Advertising growth will occur in lesser known category-leading, specifically-targeted demographic websites.

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Yahoo Posts Loss as New Chief Plots Strategy

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Yahoo! recently made a huge change to benefit search advertisers by finally (after getting around intellectual property restrictions) allowing reasonable geo-targeting. Yet Yahoo! has not made a big deal about it. My data suggests that the prior lack of reasonable geo-targeting really hurt Yahoo! vs. Google among knowledgeable search advertisers. My data also predicts that Yahoo! search revenue could dramatically shrink because of it but this is necessary because prior Yahoo! search advertising costs were unnecessarily high before the geo-targeting initiative.

Yahoo! will have to prepare for lower search revenue while also considering unique patentable ways to get Internet users to choose it for search over Google. This could include a points system like that used by the credit card companies.

Read the Wall Street Journal article.