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Kodak Chief Perez Plans to Curtail Patent Lawsuits

“Film will never come back,” Mr. Perez said. “Those very, very, very high gross margins that film had will never come back. I don’t know of any digital businesses that will even have half of the margin that film had.”

Healthcare content creation for the internet is a very high gross margin business that could benefit from the worldwide recognition of the Kodak brand name.  Mr. Perez should look at it. has created and provides 4,400 pages of content in dentistry worldwide since 1998.

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Yahoo Profits Climb Sharply

Analysts should carefully review data from Yahoo search network’s “Ad Delivery Report.” Our internal data running 650 worldwide dental websites ( shows that Yahoo is infested with Spam websites that they appear indifferent to correct. This could artificially raise short term revenue while exposing Yahoo to unwanted class action attention. Yahoo search is foundering in irons. Perhaps Bing will offer a lifeline.

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Consumer-Goods Makers Pour Out Ads

Analysts should carefully study the Brand websites of these companies to see if they currently add any value to their brands; they do not.  These Brand websites do not provide any content worthy of a return visit and will not help these brands grow in developing markets.  On the internet these brands are Goliaths awaiting slaughter by an upstart.  At we offer 4,400 pages of exclusive, free content through 650 worldwide urls since 1998.  The content on – for example – does not reflect the oral care information visitors are seeking.  Visit these websites and you decide.

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Google is stronger than realized. Sergey Brin will spread democracy in China.

The financial comparisons between Google and Yahoo don’t seem to consider a lot of small numbers that in sum may become quite large.  Yahoo is building Ad Network Distribution combining Yahoo Search and Yahoo Partners but many of these Partners appear to be Spam sites stuffed with Keywords.  I’ve seen this Partner revenue reach 80% of total revenue. Do I hear refunds?  These numbers seem to indicate that Yahoo’s reported revenue should be discounted.  And Google, by comparison, will be that much stronger allowing Sergey Brin to spread democracy in China.  Good luck!

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Procter & Gamble to Test Online Store to Study Buying Habits

$13 billion of P&G sales are in Health Care. Crest toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrushes are a big component of that helped in 2009 by “initiative-driven” growth. Why is P&G starting a learning lab from scratch when extensive data on online consumer behavior already exists? At we have 11 years of online worldwide dental care data.

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New Web Sales Option for Household Goods

It seems that the giant consumer product companies are trying to develop their online businesses in-house to the detriment of shareholders. Real online entrepreneurial development may be found off site if the CEOs and Chief Technology Officers are looking! At we have 11 years of the worldwide data you mention in this article.

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Mergers Thrive in Health Industry

1dentist, LLC, ( the global dental technology company, has found huge interest among worldwide dentists for open source dental practice management and imaging software. Danaher’s Dexis unit could provide open source imaging software to capture an untapped worldwide market. There are many ways Danher could monetize it on the back end. If they don’t, someone else will.

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