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Dentist Reviews & Testimonials for our New York City dental practice – NYC Dentistry office.

I’m always quick to refer friends and colleagues to The Center For Special Dentistry in NYC.

Denise Maher, patient for 10 years

5 five star NYC dentist review


I’m always quick to refer friends and colleagues to The Center For Special Dentistry, NYC. Besides the basics– good care, a well-organized office–the staff is fun to talk to.  You get the feeling that everyone who works there enjoys what they do.  That’s a rarity in today’s world.

I have been a patient of Dr Dorfman for nearly 20 years

Kim P., Bronxville, NY

Star Rating

I have been a patient of Dr Dorfman for nearly 20 years, and I have had extensive work done over that time.  I have been conistently been pleased with the results and the care taken by everyone who works there, especially Dr Dorfman.  The work is top notch, and they take care that you are comfortable and understand what they are doing.  I give them my highest recommendation.

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The Center for Special Dentistry has very professional staff.


Star Rating

Very professional staff. My appointment was at 2pm and it started promptly on time. The hygienist was very diligent, explaining every step of the process. The rooms are clean and equiped with the latest technology in dental materials. The dentist visited once the hygienist completed her treatment and proceeded to do an oral check-up. He was very thorough and informative about any possible need for treatment or further visits. Excellent experience!

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I have been to many different dentists…no experience compares to Dr. Dorfman.

Liz H., Brooklyn, NY

Star Rating

I am someone who needs dental care often because of my poor oral hygiene in the family.  I have been to many different dentists over the years in the NYC area. But no experience compares to Dr. Dorfman’s. 

I have gotten my dental works here from braces, crown, wisdom teeth surgery to cleaning. Dr. Dorfman gives you honest opinions on what you need rather than pushing you to do things more than what you need like many other dentists. 

No hassle, no waiting, friendly staff, industry’s leading specialists practice here. This dental office seems to have high tech equipments and facilities up to date.

Precised practice and honest opinion is one of the reasons why I have been a devoted client at Dr. Dorfman’s for the past 10 years!!

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Dr. Dorfman gave me more personal information after a two hour consultation than my childhood dentist gave me in 22 years!

John R., Wyckoff, NJ

Star Rating

Like all of us, we’ve been to our fair share of dentists’ offices. Scarily, it became my decision/responsibility to start to take care of myself after I graduated college and a friend referred me to Dr. Dorfman in New York. From the get go he was very approachable and actually cared about informing me about my teeth. What I thought was going to be a quick cleaning and check up for my first appointment turned out to be a two hour consultation where I learned more than I could have ever imagine about my teeth/mouth. I had braces when I was younger and have been going to dentists twice a year my whole life and no one ever told me that I had “stumpy roots” or a misaligned bite before. Dr. Dorfman gave me more personal information after a two hour consultation than my childhood dentist gave me in 22 years! Staff is very personable and professional and the location of the office is perfect.

I strongly suggest a consultation…you’ll be hooked after that.

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For the last 25 years, Dr. Jeff Dorfman has not only treated several members of my family, he has become family.

Star Rating

Fern F., Manhattan, NY

For the last 25 years, Dr. Jeff Dorfman has not only treated several members of my family, he has become family.  Jeff did my father’s dental implants, guided my mother to healthy gums after gum disease and has been keeping my teeth healthy for two decades.

His colleagues and support staff at The Center for Special Dentistry in New York are top notch professionals that understand while technical ability is paramount, warmth, humor and true concern about a patient’s overall health go a long way.

Treatment options are clearly explained.  I have always trusted Jeff to let me know when a condition has to be handled right away.  I’ve never felt pressured to have procedures done. 

The examination rooms are immaculately clean=fanatically sanitized.  All equipment and exam chairs are state-of-the-art (including the TVs!)  They really take their patients’ comfort seriously.  

The office runs smoothly and on time.  There’s a help-yourself jar of flavored lip balm at the reception desk.   When you see the hygienist, besides receiving an amazing cleaning, you get an education and a dental care goody bag: toothbrush, floss and toothpaste.

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Best Dentist in New York

by TarzansBeau at Citysearch

Star Rating

Seriously. Dr. Dorfman and his staff are the best dentists in New York that I have been to. He explains everything, doesn’t patronize you, acts like a person, and treats you like a friend. Though going to the dentist is noone’s idea of a good time, Dr. D makes the experience painless and worthwhile. Now if I could only find a good mechanic I’d be set!

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Incredible Artisan – Citysearch dental reviews

by turboflyer at Citysearch

Star Rating

Dr. Dorfman is an incredibly talented and skillful dentist. The cosmetic work is truly artful and inconspicuous.

There is usually no waiting time or minimal waiting time, because they do not overbook. The staff is great and the other dentists at the center (e.g., Dr. Joe) are very, very good. I’ve been going to the center for eight years and each visit has been fruitful.

The location is great, as well. It is on Madison near St. Patrick’s Cathedral and also near Rockefeller Center.

Citysearch dentist review

Great Implants – Great Staff – dental implants in New York

by JFitzpatrick at Citysearch

Star Rating

I was in an accident last year and needed implants in New York to fix some of the damage done. I have to say, even though I’d rather I didn’t need to go at all, they did fantastic work. Everyone was very nice, very professional, they didn’t push me into anything, and my new teeth actually look better than the originals.

It did take several months to complete, but that includes time to heal from the implants. An oral surgeon placed them, there was no pain during the surgery, and really not too much after (during recovery). The temporary teeth they put in during the healing looked better than some of the veneers my friends have from other dentists. I never felt self-conscious about smiling. The permanent teeth went in last week, no pain, no problems, no fooling around with my time. They look beautiful, and I’m happy with the results, enough said.

Pros: Very attentive staff and doctors, very nice dental work.
Cons: None really, the price is a little high, but worth it for getting my teeth fixed well.

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