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The Mission Statement of The Center for Special Dentistry and Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman:

Our mission is to provide clinical excellence through evidence-based care in a humane, academic environment.  We complete comprehensive, cosmetic dentistry quickly and comfortably.  Our large team of generalists, specialists, lab technicians, hygienists and interns work together to make this happen.

Our practice is patient-focused, not insurance-focused.  We offer personal attention, honesty, intelligence, gentleness and beautiful dentistry.  We are NOT a managed care insurance office.  Our office will accept your insurance payment towards your balance IF you are allowed to go "out-of-network."  Anything not paid by your insurance is your responsibility.

Our patients quickly lose their fear of dentistry through the use of distraction psychology and anxiety reduction techniques.  We'll support you emotionally to get through whatever work you may need.

We seek the most difficult and challenging cases in dentistry and innovate publishable solutions.  Our website,NYCdentist.com, contains over 4,400 pages of original content including a Color Photo Atlas of Dentistry.  Created and written by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, it is one of the most comprehensive dental sites in the world and can be used as an excellent resource for many of your questions.

We donate to our community through treatment of those of lesser means and by teaching.

We pride ourselves on being accessible and communicative, so please feel free to contact us should any questions arise.

Office hours:  Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Special office hours:  We can offer dentistry on other days and times if scheduled in advance. Significantly higher fees will apply.

Scheduling online:  Please see 'Schedule an Appointment' above to schedule an appointment online.

Patients may make payments by Amex, Visa, Mastercard, check or cash. Insurance may be applied towards patient balances. We do not belong to any insurance plans. Payment plans are available on an individualized basis.

Students who are interested in studying with us may visit www.NYCdentist.com/student.

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