We are NYC dentists who offer Creative Solutions for Complex Dentistry®

Our practice offers high-end Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Reconstruction (Smile Makeovers) in New York, NY with our team of 16 dentists, specialists and lab techs.  Our team works together in one office in the diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of individual patient cases.  Our attention to detail is second to none.

New patients may consult with several of our cosmetic dentists and specialists to discover their specific dental condition and reduce their fear of dentistry.  Patients will learn about their dental condition, understand the benefits and risks of treatment, understand various treatment options including treatment time and cost, and methods for fear/pain control before treatment begins.  We typically photodocument our dentistry to provide our patients an understanding of their dental treatment.  Significant cosmetic changes can occur in one treatment visit.

Each patient visit is scheduled with extra time to offer the finest in personalized care.  The group effort is first class and the fees are correspondingly high-end.  In addition, we have separately created a family of other medical doctors in our office building that function as an extension of our dental practice including: internal medicine, weight loss medicine, sports medicine, pain medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy and addiction medicine (alcohol, drugs and eating disorders). This website contains over 4,400 pages of exclusive dental information created by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman.  Most of this information is within the Dental Photos and Education Library sections listed at the top of this page.

Our NY dental practice is patient-focused, not insurance-focused.  We offer personal attention, honesty, intelligence, gentleness and beautiful dentistry.  We are NOT a managed care insurance office.  Our office will accept your insurance payment towards your balance IF you are allowed to go “out-of-network.”  Anything not paid by your insurance is your responsibility.

Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman

Creative Solutions
for Complex Dentistry®
in Midtown Manhattan

Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director